Monday, 8 July 2013

Feng Shui and burial

A tomb or burial site is Yin, compared with households or commercial, call houses of Yang.

Care in the selection of the Yin House, due to the influence of the House can affect up to three generations of descendants of yin. The good or bad Feng Shui burial site can affect the children or grandchildren of the deceased.

How to determine if a grave is good or bad energy are based on a variety of principles of Feng Shui and observations. The entire environment is taken into account, the country contains levels in close to the mountains or elevations, the amount of Sun or shade attach the burial site, in the vicinity of sources of water, condition of the immediate landscape and influences near roads, traffic, or other ecological functions, including modern structures such as electrical towers.

They are also performed calculations to determine energy good or bad based spot occasionally are deceased, or locally, and the directional orientation of earth burial, especially the brand or the tombstone was made. For example, a grave influence others to the West than to the East. Or a mountain to the North of a tomb has a different impact in the South.

Some principles of good Yin House are the same as good Yang Haus. But the opposite would be some principles. In other words, are the qualities of a home or business is not necessarily good for a tomb and vice versa. As any other professional service Yin-especialista at home, interview, makes sense ensure that they had adequate training.

Crypts and mausoleums can also be evaluated, but they are not the intensity of the effect as a buried soil. Also put ashes, which are on the ground or in a columbarium have not so much as a body in a traditional funeral for rest.

The theory is power transmitter in the descendants of the totality of the bone with active DNA. Ash that buried, buried, or scattered have little effect, but similar practices of choice of a place, can lead to the ashes.

The influence of the House of Yin may affect the health of the offspring, relationships and career. Often responds, or happen there further insight in the life of a person, at home or in the work of the person does not appear for Feng Shui.

Yin House as an art of divination, and the practice itself is proof of just how far we are connected to spiritual ancestors, as well as physical planet level and the influence of the environment, even in death.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

What is my actual Ming GUA?

There are many different schools of Feng Shui and many different approaches, also under the umbrella of the traditional Feng Shui. A branch or at school, the school is called BA Zhai or eight mansion. The East-West school is called.

It is the school, which relegated all structures in eight House types, based on their orientation. And also has one of the eight possible "GUA" or personal trigrams anyone based on their date of birth.

This GUA or personal trigrams are like signs of the Zodiac, as in they are based on the year of birth and have many interesting attributes that are ring true to people classified under this system. The eight trigrams are associated with directions of North, South, East, West, Northwest, Northeast, Southwest and Southeast. The trigrams are profound symbols encoded with enormous information, but a detailed description is not the subject of this article.

However, there is a controversy within this school, that many traditional doctors are not even aware. The personal GUA is a concept that began with the Foundation of Feng Shui for more than 3000 years. But originally the GUA or personal trigram only based on the year of birth and the same for both sexes. For example, if you were born in 1951, it is the Xun trigram, whether man, woman are.

In the 8th century, everything changed. A monk named Yi Xing carries by the Chinese emperor, changes in the Canon of knowledge to make known Feng Shui and to simplify a predictive art, had become highly sophisticated and evolved. Xuan Kong Aerolink star has been practiced for more than 1000 years, combined in China, where so much time are directional orientation and construction, which is 216 different cabin types not only eight types of House. Yi Xing changed the GUA system so that women have different GUA to the men, who were born in the same year. This school is a rival of the Mongol Empire corrupt doctrine to be gifted and yet this school ended practiced on a large scale and conscious world it stagnated for centuries with many modern medical controversy and the reasons why personal Gua was changed in the first place.

What adds to the confusion about which is the "true" cheerful GUA, the fact that many people more than what they can refer a GUA. This GUA show personality traits, as well as susceptibility to certain physical weaknesses. It is very likely that most of us can identify with several GUA/trigram.

For example, my personal trigram refers to the feet, and liver, trigram Zhen. I can testify that weaknesses in these areas of the body. But I can be also related to the trigram Kun (abdomen, digestive) and the trigram Kan (kidneys, blood, cardiovascular). I can really relate about all the trigrams, so one of them believable, if my date of birth would be assigned to.

My biggest published materials include BA Zhai school applications, as virtually all other traditional books. I have an addition to my books, which discussed this issue and anyone is welcome to request a copy of the supplement. However, there are many great names in the world of Feng Shui, which would be this controversy also resistant against the recognition. And that includes reliable sources of information, teachers and authors (Asian and non-Asian) who are otherwise.

No matter what Ming GUA or personal trigram you refer, usually means within the schools of flying star, there are many influences in us, which rank higher importance, when we evaluate how well or what evil can be done in a given environment. Some rooms are so good that anyone can benefit no matter the time of your birth. And some of the rooms have such bad Feng Shui, that we do not measure personal trigram of someone through these features could be affected negatively as undesirable or problematic.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Feng Shui tips for Feng Shui concepts

Authors of an article from the website Create a often top ten lists and tip sheets as a way to communicate basic information to readers. I have my fair share of "Tips" article also written, but when it comes to Feng Shui, many of the generic "Councils" not apply only to all over the world and are so simple to not giving anything special about this mystical tradition. With generic top ten lists get usually reduced to make common-sense recommendations that do not show a proper evaluation at all how unique and powerful, can. Examples of generic and common sense could be tips as follows:

Avoid unnecessary elements, keep your home clean and organized.
Avoid chronic dark rooms: use if there is sufficient natural light artificial light.
Do you live in a noisy, highly commercialized Street.
Sleep with your head against a solid wall and not in the vicinity of low window.
Avoid the dream of the body with the right with a flush door.
Do not sleep with exposed beams.
Buy a house where the door is aligned directly with a backdoor.

With the above mentioned seven river Qi generic tips relate to some of them the concept. Flow of Qi is a great topic treated, when, where, how and by which currents of air and power stroke. More tips come from an understanding of the theory of Yin and Yang, the bulk polarity of environments extreme, as well as among the concerns or comparative, hot and cold or dark and light. And some of these tips are examples of the theory of Yin and Yang and Qi flow.

I belong to the aspects of this future art of love that are not obvious and require calculations and deepening. Therefore, often described foundations of the House when it was built in conjunction with the orientation of the compass. This is the essence of Feng Shui as the time theory of space. For example, in a house built in the early 1950's, facing it to the Northeast, can affect the financial success of the inhabitants currently in a phase (until 2024).

Over the years, they gather many important concepts in articles, in the hope that readers have written a broader perspective on the topic of the pleasure which actually in "Tips" to give step, if an intelligent person draw their own conclusions. For example, if deliberately do you some concepts wider for good or bad Feng Shui, it is the effects in any of the categories that really may be manifested in the same House as a good or bad experience.

Another reason for why my catalog of the Internet article focuses on concepts, because a huge amount of misinformation there, I would say "Disinformation", which are neutralized and the only way to deal with everything is the resignation of solid theory. Otherwise, the online discussions can only frustrating readers with the barrage of conflicting advice, without knowing which came to believe.

We have tips that are cautious, but so specific that you can scare people really at all non-generic. On the basis of its year of birth read, sleep, in a certain direction, theft or accident, this is clearly an exaggeration and probably won't happen, without other factors being involved, as well as.

Many of the concepts form the basis of the principles of Feng Shui and applications are those who are not familiar with Chinese metaphysics in particular or metaphysics in general is outside. Taken out of context, many issues may appear superstitious or at least subjective strange, rigid. Many articles also really specifically do not describe what "balance" or "Harmony" really means. It is of age feels good as new terms that can be very misleading. Understood in Chinese metaphysics that really didn't call any stationary, continuous, reality "balance." Everything is in flux.

He is supposed to hectic lives of people and you can search for Feng Shui tips, because it delved not interested in studying a complicated issue. It's my end so to appreciate, because I see the Internet as a wonderful cyber library where to find what I think that I want to know about a topic enough. The problem with our world wide web is as much fiction as fiction is not checked. And how many times you have a doctor, where he or she could not eyes when he announced to the doctor, who already are back

Friday, 5 July 2013

Business, home, trees, plants and fortune bonsai

Are you looking for plants inside or outside your home or institution to grow and decorate, luck and good fortune? Now is the perfect time for your chances with this summary quickly of trees and plants, not only easy to care, but also how happy begehrter in the Chinese Feng-Shui to limit:

Lucky bamboo plants.

Symbol of happiness and success due to its innate resistance, strength and the ability to grow quickly, bamboo, the balance of the elements of Feng 5 five natural Shui at home or in the Office, i.e., plants try, wood, metal, Earth, water and fire, which are respectively the plant represented by same, vase glass or currencyrocks, water, and Red Ribbon. Lucky bamboo plants can be planted as stems or grown in beautiful forms, like a pyramid.

Place your plant of lucky bamboo in a glass vase (or ceramic with a coin vase), natural river rock support and at least one inch of low chlorinated water is filled and tie a red ribbon around the vase of glass. Feed them with a drop of fertilizer if you can maintain healthy roots. Put the lucky bamboo plant somewhere shaded at home or in the Office for blessings most for good luck and harmony, as at the counter of his place of business or invite in the living room. In Asia, lucky bamboo plant red tie on the lookout during new year Chinese is common and are made in a special along with other suitable objects, such as the gold bullion.

Jade plant (Crassula Ovata)

The Asian plant of jade, also known as the money tree, is considered the ultimate symbol of the movement for prosperity in many Asian cultures. It is often used as a bonsai in Asia houses, shops and gardens because of its potential in a beautifully lush bonsai tree grow attached and serves as a model of mini trees gemstone jade in Asia or the artificial plant with leaves decoration, which shaped jade.

In form of currency characteristics of the oval-shaped or jade plant succulent leaves in shades of jade, so it be name as Asian money and jade tree. As Feng Shui cure, it is usually at the entrance or at the southwest corner of the home, restaurant or Office, which placed to strengthen the power and cash flow. Grow plants Jade, where to receive direct sun light to keep moist, watering their land and their leaves, which regularly free of dust and dirt used as an indoor or outdoor, ideally in one. You can also add to facilitate the gravel on the floor in the drainage of the water.

Money (Pachira Aquatica)

Pachira Aquatica is famous as the tree of Chinese money because its palmate leaves 5 lobes, associated with elements of water, Earth, fire, wood and metal 5 Feng Shui luck in Asia and the five. Often by its stem braiding and the leaves of the flowering, which sometimes means to be to create a pavilion of round shape and is widely used as an ornamental plant in Asia, in particular offices and shops and shopping malls, as a bonsai, or given as gifts during the new year Chinese.

The money tree in moist soils and sunny half shaded places grows like a plant native to the swamps and wetlands. To keep inside, place in one corner of plantation lit and turned regularly, only grow them and turned through evenly.

Use colors of Feng Shui to improve your personal Chi

Feng Shui is the area around the energy or Chi of the individual uses to make a positive impact on the environment. One of the most powerful tools available to make, i.e., color. And of the principles of Feng Shui is that things have more impact closer to us throughout our lives.

Studies show that color affects every area possible in our lives our appetite in our sleep habits. If the majority of the people know that color can be used mightily in our interiors, we often forget that our individual Chi can be adjusted by it on the color of clothing that we use. Every day to improve our intentions, we must use the power of color.

The Chinese five elements, fire, Earth, metal and water wood has assigned each one a color and they are a good starting point when using Feng Shui in our dress.

Here are some good examples. Try a little green. Green, the color associated with wood is spring and vitality, the start of something. Something Green will be a day when you're waiting for a new project that received from the ground, can help little dynamics. You can add vitality, when we feel low and help us to be flexible when things are unstable.

Firepower can take through the network is requested. The days must be taken into account when it received some form of recognition or we know that we must protect ourselves from a negative employee is red color.

Concentrated approach to take to complete a project at work? Try using white, the color of the metal element. Metal is creative, psychic and reap the rewards of our work give. It can help cut us to the heart of a problem, to ultimately gain wisdom and see clearly.

The concentrated effort of metal comes the wisdom of the element water. The water is blue black or very dark it is. If we the tendons of loneliness or slowly and rest is necessary can help black to establish a connection with the energy of the mineral water. Moving water represents our social status and our career. Energy demand and the little black dress are perfect reflections of the movable nature of the element water. Remember that when this force without wisdom is dangerous!

If we need healing or earth, the yellow is a good choice. Yellow corresponds to the Earth element. The use of all the earth tones of yellow butter to dark chocolate brown can help us feel centered gets connected, the energy of the Earth and give us healthy vitality.

Finally, you must use a combination of all the five basic colors. Not all colors should be, in particular, if you use color, affect his energy instead of someone else, so this exercise easier than it may seem at the beginning. Take picture a minute tomorrow your day and what they would like to see it progress. Then you look at your wardrobe and decide to use a large five elements of Feng Shui color, to help you achieve this goal.

Lead professional success - secrets of Feng Shui Office 9, maximum productivity

The Tao of productivity.
Keep gravity working environments in a reality, work. But what is essential for maintaining healthy productivity is balance: logic, emotion, physical space for the mental space, Yin Yang. Yang is the physical space, systems, logic, deadlines and tangible results. Yin is emotions, intention, mental space, fantasy and the intangible. If the expectations are based on a manifesto of deadlines, they overcome the unhappiness and dissatisfaction; Productivity drops. Balance of Yin Yang, logic, emotion and resolve it occupations, steps of filling and distractions. What will emerge is a natural system of productivity and efficiency.

9 Secrets for more productivity.

(1) Yang: position. The seat that makes its is your desktop. Decrease not its concentration with interruptions. Change your desktop so you can see that he is coming to your Office. Or otherwise mirror square, where you can sit on your desktop. Make a habit to smile in the mirror. Ultimately, their happiness quotient increases. Yin: perspective. Create a daily mantra that reminds him of his life. I say nine times before reaching the Office, press with gratitude. Its energy to power.

(2) Yang: commands see! His office door is an important entry. The best position is more opposite corner or wall next to the door for your desktop at that. They are perceived as more authority. Yin: This placement builds confidence and self-control. It promotes an approach to relaxation and communication open between your employees and your boss-minded.

(3) Yang: Lighting in a dynamic space for energizing with quality change a mediocre work space. Your endorphins can active and strengthens mood. Add an LED lamp at your side. Projector creates attention to achieve results. Yin: the heat of the Sun is a life giving presence. Reflect your generosity, carry a kind in fact. Quality creates the same feeling as wealth.

(4) Yang: Nature of discharge of vitality. Plant vigor increases to help their brain power, is to achieve their tasks. On the desktop, put a lush green plant with rounded leaves when it is near the door or the door line. Create a friendly border. Yin: make time after work for a bath Shinrin-Yoku forest. Its a leisure walk through the forest to the relaxation and breathing in Phytoncides (essential oil). The Japanese see this as natural aromatherapy and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

(5) Yang: solution of six inches: when you create your Chair against the wall, bang when you save from your desktop stage "there is no way to return to a situation." Your mind goes directly to the feeling of "locked in". Zoom out wall desk at least six inches. It softens their approach and problem solving is easier. Yin: State higher opens your mind with meditation and function in its operation. Produces peace and tonsil (controls the part of the brain, response and empathy) to prevent kidnappings.

(6) Yang: a tough economy produces daily fear. Red has a stabilizing effect on the eyes, which are connected to his heart. Place a red object in the area just opposite the entrance to his Office. Note: a colourful antidote to fear is red, symbol of happiness. Yin: move away from the computer every two hours. Consciously breathing: inhale - one, two, three, four; Breathe to out-one, two, three, four. Counter as intuitive but really that creates deep peace your brain wakes up. Feeling charged and ready to return to work.

(7) Yang: evaluate regularly the items on the desktop: letting go of what is unusable. These following details as small but is innovative creativity. They make a place on the desktop, so that its eyes can come to rest at this time, while working. The breadth that creates it, can promote an innovative idea. Yin: Disorder is associated with emotions. If you'll find emotional work to harmonize your space first. This creates balance in his mind. Much more easy to sort through your files with a clear head.