Friday, 5 July 2013

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Are you looking for plants inside or outside your home or institution to grow and decorate, luck and good fortune? Now is the perfect time for your chances with this summary quickly of trees and plants, not only easy to care, but also how happy begehrter in the Chinese Feng-Shui to limit:

Lucky bamboo plants.

Symbol of happiness and success due to its innate resistance, strength and the ability to grow quickly, bamboo, the balance of the elements of Feng 5 five natural Shui at home or in the Office, i.e., plants try, wood, metal, Earth, water and fire, which are respectively the plant represented by same, vase glass or currencyrocks, water, and Red Ribbon. Lucky bamboo plants can be planted as stems or grown in beautiful forms, like a pyramid.

Place your plant of lucky bamboo in a glass vase (or ceramic with a coin vase), natural river rock support and at least one inch of low chlorinated water is filled and tie a red ribbon around the vase of glass. Feed them with a drop of fertilizer if you can maintain healthy roots. Put the lucky bamboo plant somewhere shaded at home or in the Office for blessings most for good luck and harmony, as at the counter of his place of business or invite in the living room. In Asia, lucky bamboo plant red tie on the lookout during new year Chinese is common and are made in a special along with other suitable objects, such as the gold bullion.

Jade plant (Crassula Ovata)

The Asian plant of jade, also known as the money tree, is considered the ultimate symbol of the movement for prosperity in many Asian cultures. It is often used as a bonsai in Asia houses, shops and gardens because of its potential in a beautifully lush bonsai tree grow attached and serves as a model of mini trees gemstone jade in Asia or the artificial plant with leaves decoration, which shaped jade.

In form of currency characteristics of the oval-shaped or jade plant succulent leaves in shades of jade, so it be name as Asian money and jade tree. As Feng Shui cure, it is usually at the entrance or at the southwest corner of the home, restaurant or Office, which placed to strengthen the power and cash flow. Grow plants Jade, where to receive direct sun light to keep moist, watering their land and their leaves, which regularly free of dust and dirt used as an indoor or outdoor, ideally in one. You can also add to facilitate the gravel on the floor in the drainage of the water.

Money (Pachira Aquatica)

Pachira Aquatica is famous as the tree of Chinese money because its palmate leaves 5 lobes, associated with elements of water, Earth, fire, wood and metal 5 Feng Shui luck in Asia and the five. Often by its stem braiding and the leaves of the flowering, which sometimes means to be to create a pavilion of round shape and is widely used as an ornamental plant in Asia, in particular offices and shops and shopping malls, as a bonsai, or given as gifts during the new year Chinese.

The money tree in moist soils and sunny half shaded places grows like a plant native to the swamps and wetlands. To keep inside, place in one corner of plantation lit and turned regularly, only grow them and turned through evenly.


  1. Symbol of happiness and success due to its innate resistance, strength and the ability to grow quickly, bamboo....berry plants

  2. Great things came from small beginnings...

    I am a new member of the society, and i have lack of knowledge on how to train my bonsai materials,
    And finally i found this site, my doubts, problem was answered..
    And i was very thankful.

  3. I have always wanted to try to grow bamboo plants. Are the difficult to grow? We are in zone 7B in Tennessee USA. I think they are beautiful. Our zoo in Nashville Tennessee has some lovely bamboo there. I found them for sale at Plant America Nursery