Monday, 8 July 2013

Feng Shui and burial

A tomb or burial site is Yin, compared with households or commercial, call houses of Yang.

Care in the selection of the Yin House, due to the influence of the House can affect up to three generations of descendants of yin. The good or bad Feng Shui burial site can affect the children or grandchildren of the deceased.

How to determine if a grave is good or bad energy are based on a variety of principles of Feng Shui and observations. The entire environment is taken into account, the country contains levels in close to the mountains or elevations, the amount of Sun or shade attach the burial site, in the vicinity of sources of water, condition of the immediate landscape and influences near roads, traffic, or other ecological functions, including modern structures such as electrical towers.

They are also performed calculations to determine energy good or bad based spot occasionally are deceased, or locally, and the directional orientation of earth burial, especially the brand or the tombstone was made. For example, a grave influence others to the West than to the East. Or a mountain to the North of a tomb has a different impact in the South.

Some principles of good Yin House are the same as good Yang Haus. But the opposite would be some principles. In other words, are the qualities of a home or business is not necessarily good for a tomb and vice versa. As any other professional service Yin-especialista at home, interview, makes sense ensure that they had adequate training.

Crypts and mausoleums can also be evaluated, but they are not the intensity of the effect as a buried soil. Also put ashes, which are on the ground or in a columbarium have not so much as a body in a traditional funeral for rest.

The theory is power transmitter in the descendants of the totality of the bone with active DNA. Ash that buried, buried, or scattered have little effect, but similar practices of choice of a place, can lead to the ashes.

The influence of the House of Yin may affect the health of the offspring, relationships and career. Often responds, or happen there further insight in the life of a person, at home or in the work of the person does not appear for Feng Shui.

Yin House as an art of divination, and the practice itself is proof of just how far we are connected to spiritual ancestors, as well as physical planet level and the influence of the environment, even in death.


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