Friday, 5 July 2013

Lead professional success - secrets of Feng Shui Office 9, maximum productivity

The Tao of productivity.
Keep gravity working environments in a reality, work. But what is essential for maintaining healthy productivity is balance: logic, emotion, physical space for the mental space, Yin Yang. Yang is the physical space, systems, logic, deadlines and tangible results. Yin is emotions, intention, mental space, fantasy and the intangible. If the expectations are based on a manifesto of deadlines, they overcome the unhappiness and dissatisfaction; Productivity drops. Balance of Yin Yang, logic, emotion and resolve it occupations, steps of filling and distractions. What will emerge is a natural system of productivity and efficiency.

9 Secrets for more productivity.

(1) Yang: position. The seat that makes its is your desktop. Decrease not its concentration with interruptions. Change your desktop so you can see that he is coming to your Office. Or otherwise mirror square, where you can sit on your desktop. Make a habit to smile in the mirror. Ultimately, their happiness quotient increases. Yin: perspective. Create a daily mantra that reminds him of his life. I say nine times before reaching the Office, press with gratitude. Its energy to power.

(2) Yang: commands see! His office door is an important entry. The best position is more opposite corner or wall next to the door for your desktop at that. They are perceived as more authority. Yin: This placement builds confidence and self-control. It promotes an approach to relaxation and communication open between your employees and your boss-minded.

(3) Yang: Lighting in a dynamic space for energizing with quality change a mediocre work space. Your endorphins can active and strengthens mood. Add an LED lamp at your side. Projector creates attention to achieve results. Yin: the heat of the Sun is a life giving presence. Reflect your generosity, carry a kind in fact. Quality creates the same feeling as wealth.

(4) Yang: Nature of discharge of vitality. Plant vigor increases to help their brain power, is to achieve their tasks. On the desktop, put a lush green plant with rounded leaves when it is near the door or the door line. Create a friendly border. Yin: make time after work for a bath Shinrin-Yoku forest. Its a leisure walk through the forest to the relaxation and breathing in Phytoncides (essential oil). The Japanese see this as natural aromatherapy and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

(5) Yang: solution of six inches: when you create your Chair against the wall, bang when you save from your desktop stage "there is no way to return to a situation." Your mind goes directly to the feeling of "locked in". Zoom out wall desk at least six inches. It softens their approach and problem solving is easier. Yin: State higher opens your mind with meditation and function in its operation. Produces peace and tonsil (controls the part of the brain, response and empathy) to prevent kidnappings.

(6) Yang: a tough economy produces daily fear. Red has a stabilizing effect on the eyes, which are connected to his heart. Place a red object in the area just opposite the entrance to his Office. Note: a colourful antidote to fear is red, symbol of happiness. Yin: move away from the computer every two hours. Consciously breathing: inhale - one, two, three, four; Breathe to out-one, two, three, four. Counter as intuitive but really that creates deep peace your brain wakes up. Feeling charged and ready to return to work.

(7) Yang: evaluate regularly the items on the desktop: letting go of what is unusable. These following details as small but is innovative creativity. They make a place on the desktop, so that its eyes can come to rest at this time, while working. The breadth that creates it, can promote an innovative idea. Yin: Disorder is associated with emotions. If you'll find emotional work to harmonize your space first. This creates balance in his mind. Much more easy to sort through your files with a clear head.

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