Friday, 5 July 2013

Use colors of Feng Shui to improve your personal Chi

Feng Shui is the area around the energy or Chi of the individual uses to make a positive impact on the environment. One of the most powerful tools available to make, i.e., color. And of the principles of Feng Shui is that things have more impact closer to us throughout our lives.

Studies show that color affects every area possible in our lives our appetite in our sleep habits. If the majority of the people know that color can be used mightily in our interiors, we often forget that our individual Chi can be adjusted by it on the color of clothing that we use. Every day to improve our intentions, we must use the power of color.

The Chinese five elements, fire, Earth, metal and water wood has assigned each one a color and they are a good starting point when using Feng Shui in our dress.

Here are some good examples. Try a little green. Green, the color associated with wood is spring and vitality, the start of something. Something Green will be a day when you're waiting for a new project that received from the ground, can help little dynamics. You can add vitality, when we feel low and help us to be flexible when things are unstable.

Firepower can take through the network is requested. The days must be taken into account when it received some form of recognition or we know that we must protect ourselves from a negative employee is red color.

Concentrated approach to take to complete a project at work? Try using white, the color of the metal element. Metal is creative, psychic and reap the rewards of our work give. It can help cut us to the heart of a problem, to ultimately gain wisdom and see clearly.

The concentrated effort of metal comes the wisdom of the element water. The water is blue black or very dark it is. If we the tendons of loneliness or slowly and rest is necessary can help black to establish a connection with the energy of the mineral water. Moving water represents our social status and our career. Energy demand and the little black dress are perfect reflections of the movable nature of the element water. Remember that when this force without wisdom is dangerous!

If we need healing or earth, the yellow is a good choice. Yellow corresponds to the Earth element. The use of all the earth tones of yellow butter to dark chocolate brown can help us feel centered gets connected, the energy of the Earth and give us healthy vitality.

Finally, you must use a combination of all the five basic colors. Not all colors should be, in particular, if you use color, affect his energy instead of someone else, so this exercise easier than it may seem at the beginning. Take picture a minute tomorrow your day and what they would like to see it progress. Then you look at your wardrobe and decide to use a large five elements of Feng Shui color, to help you achieve this goal.

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